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Why Bogota?

"The only risk is wanting to stay."

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Narcos (Netflix) was amazing, but let's not get influenced by it too much. Contrary to its portrayal in popular media Bogota is actually one of the safest urban areas in South America. For decades, Colombia has been getting safer than ever. Widespread shifts to a modern coffee-and-tourism-based economy and massive crackdowns on illegal activity have brought Colombia an unprecedented period of tranquility. in fact The violent crime rate in Bogota is actually lower than that of many "safe" American cities like Indianapolis and Miami.

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According to World Health Organization ratings, healthcare in Colombia is actually better than in the US or Canada. On top of this, when financial publication América Economía put together their latest annual list of Latin America’s top 58 hospitals, 23 of those hospitals were based in Colombia. That means that 40% of the top Latin American hospitals are located in Colombia. Boasting one of the top healthcare systems in the Americas, Colombia’s state-of-the-art hospitals are quickly becoming known for their affordability and quality of care. Medical standards are just as rigorous as those in the United States, and many of Colombia’s doctors train internationally. Read more here.

Image by Ali Inay



Bogota’s local cuisine is truly something to fall in love with. Bogota’s cultural renaissance has led to a huge rise in haute cuisine all over the city. As a result, you can find some amazing chef-driven restaurants in nearly every neighborhood for a fraction of the price you would pay in the US. Anthony Bourdain (RIP) actually ranked Bogota one of the “best places for food in South America” when he visited for his show Parts Unknown.  Along with some of the world's best restaurants you would find delicious food carts for some great Empanads , Arepas and other deliciously cheap snacks.

And the Coffee? Don't even get us started....



Given Bogota’s reputation as the hipster capital of Colombia, you can be sure the bars are filled with good drinks, great music, and hip locals. Colombia’s club scene probably is at its best in Bogota The parties are wild and you have a broad range of the type of places you can experience. Some places have live music, reggaeton, electronic music, local hipsters, or simply a great view. There’s something for everyone in Bogotá! 

*Remember : It is forbidden to drink alcohol one week before the operation, please enjoy Bogota's nightlife responsibly!


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