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Our Facilities

World class clinic. Commitment to innovation. 

Our private  clinic is located in one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Bogota. Unlike many other clinics in Bogota or Istanbul, our focus is uniquely on hair transplantation, that means we focus only on what we do best!  In fact we are the first clinic in Colombia that focused exclusively on hair transplant.

From the moment you walk in to our clinic, you’ll feel the difference. We combine a comfortable environment with state of art medical equipment, allowing a professional yet relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

The clinic has 3 operating  rooms fully equipped with the most cutting edge hair transplant tech. ​We use the fastest, safest, and most established FUE instruments in the world.

Each room has a flat screen TV with the most popular streaming services such as Netflix and HBO as well as different sports channels so you can just sit back and  relax while our team of professionals  do the their magic. We also provide snacks and a meal during the procedure.

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