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Hair transplant by doctors only !

All surgical parts of the hair transplant are performed always by a medical surgeon including the extraction of grafts, pre made incisions and implantation. 

Our experienced technicians and nurses are utilized for assisting purposes only and are limited to duties surrounding the surgery such us:

  • Surgery preparation 

  • Sorting and counting follicular units

  • Loading the implanter pens

  • Post surgery care

All of our technicians/Nurses are licensed and in-house trained. They all work exclusively for Dr Camacho.

Limited daily surgery

We are not like one of those hair transplant "Factories" who do tens of surgery per day. 

We limit ourselves to 1 or 2 surgeries max per day. We will allow a second surgery only in cases when the second surgery is low in grafts amount . 

This limit allows us to focus on each patient with the highest quality of care and maximum staff availability while minimizing doctor's fatigue. 

Long term approach

Dr Camacho's commitment is to provide results that are appropriate for the long run with emphasis on donor area management.


Each individual patient receives a tailor made long term plan factoring in all the possible variables that affect current hair loss and potentially future hair loss of the native hair.

The idea is to achieve the biggest change without excessive use of donor hair reserve that could potentially be used in the future if needed.

Respect the donor area!

Strict surgery protocols

A hair transplant is a delicate surgery that requires high attention to detail and in particular hair grafts handling.

We use magnifying equipment throughout all surgical parts, proper lighting and highest standards of sterility.

All hair grafts are sorted and classified into groups and are placed in a special holding solution that preserves them safely before transplanting to the recipient area.

Artistic value

Hair transplant is not just  "sticking" grafts into thinning areas.

Dr Camacho's experience and artistic skill allows him to plan a surgery which will deliver natural looking results with emphasis to hair angles, depth and the correct grafts placement  to different parts of the scalp.

The strict rules we go by is - The hairlines get 1 hairs grafts only and the mid scalp crown get the multiple hair grafts.

This strict protocol prevents a "Pluggy" look you may see from low cost bootleg clinics. 

Hand to hand till the end

Once the hair transplant is done, the waiting game begins. Our client coordinators will follow up regularly to monitor recovery and growth progress.


We will always be available for any questions or concerns throughout the process.


When choosing Bogota Hairlines you are not a patient. You are family!

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