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The most accurate and minimally invasive technique 

The FUE Hair transplant technique is a minimally invasive  surgical procedure carried out under local anaesthesia.

The hairs are extracted one by one from the donor area (Usually back & Sides of the scalp) using a pen like extraction device then transplanted to the bald parts (Recipient area)


You will be perfectly awake and can chat with the surgeon during it, watch TV, listen to music and have snack breaks.

The surgery typically takes between 6-8 hours depending on the amount of hairs to be transplanted

The Basics

fue hair transplant method

FUE Procedure step by step

Step 1 - Surgery Plan

Doctor Camacho will carefully examine the density of the donor area and then purpose a surgery plan.


The surgery plan will include the shape and length of the hairline, as well as areas of coverage with respect to the donor area availability.


Variables like hair characteristics, hair loss pattern and possibility of future hair loss, will determine the surgery plan.

Dr Camacho is very strict with donor area management to ensure there are no evident signs of surgery after the final results!

Hair transplant in colombia.jpeg

Surgery Plan and hairline design

Step 2 - Hair Harvesting

After performing local anesthesia the doctor will begin to extract the follicular units (Grafts) .


Using the advanced Mamba Trivellini  Motorized device, Our expert hair surgeon makes precise and accurate incisions around the tissue  to remove each follicle individually.

The technicians will examine the hair grafts, sort into groups and store in a container with holding solution to make sure the hairs are preserved safely.

Each Hair graft can contain between 1 to 4 hairs.

It is highly important to separate the 1 hair grafts from the multiple hair grafts as they will be used in different areas of the scalp 

The soft 1 hair grafts are eventually  transplanted to the frontal part of the hairline and the multiple hair grafts behind the hairline, mid scalp and crown. 

fue hair transplant in colombia

The extraction of follicular units (Grafts)


Follicular units (Grafts)

Step 3 - Channel opening

This part is performed only by Dr Camacho as it requires the highest artistic skill.


The doctor will make tiny punctures in the scalp to create space for the new hairs.


The depth, angle, direction, density and geometry of the punctures determines how the hair grows and how natural the result looks and feels.


Pre made incisions only by Dr Camcho

Step 4 - Hair Implantation

The main event! 

At this step , the extracted grafts are transplanted one by one to the recipient area.

The technicians load the grafts into a pen like device, then pass to the doctor who will implant the hairs into the pre made slits.

At Bogota Hairlines this stage is performed by the entire team led by the doctors. Normally 3-5 technicians will load/Pass the implanter pens and 1-2 Medical surgeons will implant the hairs.


 We are one of the only clinics in the world that provide such number of staff members to be focused only on 1 surgery. This means and efficient surgery with the most attention to detail.​


Implantation by Dr Camacho and the Bogota Hairlines Dream Team

Step 5 - Post surgery care

After the surgery the nurses will clean up the scalp with a solution spray, apply healing cream to the donor area and patch it up. 
A head band is applied around the scalp to control the swelling.

The patients receives detailed post surgery instructions  that includes all the do's and don'ts as well as post surgery medication and saline solution. 

During the first 7-10 days the newly transplanted grafts will turn into scabs which will slowly fall off within this time period.


The newly transplanted hairs will grow naturally during the first 2-4 weeks and may shed going into a dormant phase.  Shedding of the transplanted hair is superficial and completely normal.


The new hairs will slowly grow again 3-4 months post surgery and become thicker and fuller each month and will accelerates as time goes by.


The final results of a hair transplant for most show between 12-18 months.



Post surgery care


Growth timeline example (Each patient varies)

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